About DIOD

This relatively new space for independent projects is located in the building of Sokol Jihlava, which was recentely reconstructed. It has been opened since 1.4.2011.

As a cultural center of the region Vysocina, we offer technicaly well equipped "black box" with variable space settings and capacity, therefore it can be easily adjusted to different requirements. Dramaturgy of this theatre is wide open and it offers realization of the artistical and social projects of regional authors and event organizers. We also host drama and dance projects from all over the country and thereby we expand the awareness about contemporary art in the region.

DIOD has an ambition to become a center, where social and artistical questions will be discussed and where the community life and the values of civil society will be fulfilled. With foundation of DIOD the new important spot appeared on the map of Czech Republic for all independent ensembles to present themselves and create. DIOD has no legal subjectivity, its operated by TJ Sokol Jihlava. Statutory town Jihlava became a partner of this project.

DIOD for foreigners 

If you are going to visit Jihlava and you are looking for some program for the evening, don´t hesitate to look at our offer. Nonverbal productions are marked with this symbol... and you will find the annotation in English and German attached. The same symbol is also added to musical events and concerts, which are ussually jazz, ethno, indie style, but also electronic and experimental music. We look forward to your visit!

DIOD doesn´t have it´s own ensemble, it works on the principle of hosting ensembles. This gives us the oportunity to bring the top projects, which are accessible for the wide audience in excellent financial conditions.

All the physical and dance performances, which have no language barriers, are the sellection of the best you can see in Czech Republic. Dramaturgy is interested in classical dance as well as physical performances, pantomime or acrobatic performances. Our aim is to present the best of Czech theatre production to the audience of DIOD. Productions presented here can not be seen elsewhere in the region.

Projekt podpořili Projekt zaštítili Ing. Miroslava Němcová, MUDr. Jiří Běhounek a Ing. Jaroslav Vymazal.

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